Heat stress can induce hyperthermia in poultry.
When birds are under heat stress, panting results in higher losses of CO2, consistent increase in Blood pH (alkalosis) and disturbance in Acid-Base balance.
The electrolytes are defined as the compounds that dissolve into Positive (cations) and negative (anions) compounds having inherent ability to conduct electrical current. The electrolytes need to be supplied to maintain fluid balance in the body.
The predominant electrolytes in poultry are Sodium, Potassium and Chloride (Na+,K+, and Cl-). These mineral ions play essential roles in metabolism due to their participation in the osmotic balance, the acid-base balance, and in the integrity of mechanisms that regulate the transport of substances across the cell membranes. Imbalances among these ions have a direct effect on acid-base balance affecting many metabolic functions, and in turn the poultry performance.
The relationship between these compounds are known as "Dietary Electrolyte Balance (DEB). Combination of electrolytes with higher level of cations and lower level of anions are recommended to be beneficial in heat stress.
Hydrion is hydrating ionic combination to maintain fluid balance, Acid-Base balance and optimum performance under heat stressed conditions and as well in young chicks under brooding.

Each 10 ml Contains:
K+     25.50 Meq
NA+     86.94 Meq
CL-     28.16 Meq
HCO3-     32.78 Meq

Fortified with HMB


Dosage :
1-2 ml / ltr of water during heat stress.
1-2 ml / ltr during brooding

Packing :1000 ml