Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Kleantech tablet eliminates above problems, which is user friendly, convenient and delivering complete sanitization


Each 20 gm tablet provides 10% stabilised ClO2


Salient Features

  • Versatile Biocide with most powerful oxidizing nature
  • Effective at a broad range of pH i.e. 2-11
  • Eliminates Biofilms and prevents re-growth in pipe-lines
  • 2.6 X stronger than chlorine releasing agents
  • Easily soluble in water thus ensuring 100% sanitization of drinking water
  • No chloride residues like Chlorates, Chlorides and Chlorites
  • Can be sprayed in empty sheds and even in presence of birds


For Regular Water sanitation: 1 ppm (1 Ltr stock solution in 2000 Ltr water)
During Out breaks: 4 ppm (1 Ltr stock solution in 500 Ltr water)


20gm tablet 5 tablets in a container, 20 containers in a carton