Anazyme -TM

The Right Input for Better Output


Alpha Amylase, Beta Gluconase, Beta Mananase, Cellulase, Lipase, Hemicellulase, Pectinase, Potease, Xylanase & Trace minerals – Copper, Cobalt, Ferrous and Zinc in Sulphate form.


Role of exogenous enzymes in ruminants:

  • Removal of structural barrier for better accessibility to fibre particle by fibrolytic bacteria
  • Degradation of cell wall of plant material
  • Release of more nutrients available for bacterial growth
  • Products released from digestion attract bacteria to the site of digestion
  • Increased rumen bacterial count and efficiency of microbial protein synthesis
  • Synergetic effect between exogenous enzymes and bacterial enzymes
  • For better digestibility of feed and fodder


  • Improves cellulose digestibility
  • Improves VFA production which in turn will improve milk yield
  • Prevents low milk fat syndrome


  • For better digestibility of feed and fodder
  • To improve quality and quantity of milk
  • To prevent Non specific diarrhoea


  • Mass feeding:
    • 500 gms – 1 Kg per ton of feed
  • Individual feeding:
    • Buffaloes/Cows : 10gms per animal daily
    • Calves/Sheep/Goat :2-3 gms per animal daily