Enhanse Liquid

Enriched Combination of VIT E & Se with Arginine with Enhansed Solubility

Vit E and Se:

Vitamin E and Se work synergistically to fight against free radical damage to body cells in general and immune cells in particular.


  • An essential amino acid for avian species, Arginine boosts both humoral and cellular immune response.
  • In chickens, marginal deficiency of dietary arginine is associated with poor development of the thymus and spleen.
  • Cellular metabolic pathway of Arginine produces nitric oxide. Immune response impacted by Arginine in chickens is due to increased nitric oxide production of macrophages, because poultry macrophages are sluggish due to less nitric oxide in them


Each 200ml contains:

  • Vitamin E 12.5%
  • Selenium 25 mg
  • Arginine 1.25gm


  • Enhanced Immunity and better Vaccine Response
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Uniform Productive Performance


  • Synergistic Combination
  • Added Emulsifiers for better Assimilation
  • Clearly Water Soluble


  • During Pre and Post Vaccination
  • During Production Drops


  • Broilers: 5ml/ 50 birds
  • Layers & Breeders: 5ml / 100 birds


  • 200 mlk