A Complete Liver Tonic

A combination of lipotropic agents, liver stimulants, antioxidants, mould inhibitors and toxin binders.

HEPATO CARE- Multiple ingredients and Multifaceted action

Liver stimulants Potentiating the liver function

Tricholine citrate

Mobilising the fat from liver


Mobilising the fat from liver

Vit B12

DNA synthesis and rejuv-enation of liver


Better utilisation of fat

Protein hydrolysate

Ready source of amino acids for hepatic regeneration

Methyl donars

Facilitate detoxification and liver cell rejuvenation

Vit E and Se

Natural defence against free radicals causing cell damage including that of liver

Mold inhibitors and toxin binders(organic acds,HSCAS and MOS)

Minimises mycotoxin formation and absorption and protects vital organs



Dosage and Usage


Key economic benefits


1 kg / ton of feed
10 ml/100 birds 2 days/wk

To cope up with high density ration
Helping in better digestion and utilisation of dietary fat

· Better Wt gain and FCR 
· For speedy recovery from 
  any disorder/disease 
  affecting liver 
· Uniform growth


1 kg / ton of feed
25 ml/100 birds as wk a month programme

Metabolic stress and even subtle toxicity in breeders can impair production and quality of chicks

· Optimum body Wt - Prelay 
· Uniform growth 
· Uniform production 
· Number and quality of 
  hatching eggs


1 kg / ton
10 ml/100 birds as wk a month programme

Improper digestion and utilisation of fat can impair the body Wt and also egg production

· Optimum body Wt - Prelay 
· Uniform production without 
· Quality of eggs


Premix: 10 kg and 25 kg multiplayer paper bags 500 ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr

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