A good start…. for better results

A good start leads to better results, such as a lower mortality in the first week of growth, higher 7-day weight, uniformity in the flock, which in turn will promote higher final results.

Chick born in relatively sterile environment of hatchery picks up the infection during transit and after entering the farm where the infectious pressure is prevalent. Pathogens multiply at faster pace compared to normal acquired microflora. Typically the immune organs of day old chick are not developed to resist such invading infection. Further dehydration caused during transportation impair the gut epithelial integrity which is far more essential for proper digestion and absorption.

Oxymycin is designed taking all these factors into consideration to provide Complete Chick Care




Gut acting antibiotics to reduce the pathogen load in the gut especially G-ve bacteria such as E.coli


Broad spectrum systemic antibiotics to check invasion of both G+ve and G -ve organisms


Promote the colonisation of normal gut flora to maintain the intestinal integrity


As a nutritional supplement to enhance immunity and weight gain


To improve water intake and to minimise dehydration

Vitamin A

Maintains the gut epithelial integrity and helps in tissue repair

Vitamin E

Improves the growth of immune organs and improves the resistance

Vitamin K

Helps in coagulation to prevent haemorrhagic conditions

Dextrose base

Ready source of energy before chick picks up the feed in sufficient quantity



As a Complete Chick Care supplement

  • To prevent Early Chick Mortality
  • To attain uniform growth
  • For better first week weight

As a Vitamin K Supplement

  • To minimise blood loss during Debeaking, Coccidiosis


1 gm/ltr of water


50 gm and 250 gms