Sulphadiazine with Trimethoprim water dispersible Powder


Sulphadiazine I.P (Vet) 10% w/w
Trimethoprim I.P (Vet) 2% w/w


Bacteria synthesiza their Folic acid via Para-amino benzoic acid (PABA). Sulphadiazine competitively inhibits PABA in the Folic acid metabolic cycle while Trimethoprim prevents reduction of Dihydrofolic acid to Tetrahydrofolic acid in the bacterial cells. This sequential blockade inhibits bacterial cell multiplication.

The combination of Sulphadiazine and Trimethoprim at the ratio of 5:1 potentiates each other’s action. Even though both drugs are bacteriostatic individually, the combination makes them a potent bactericidal.



Following oral administration V-Cozine reaches a significant antibacterial concentration in the gut. Plasma levels are achieved in 2-6 hours.

V-Cozine with prolonged plasma half-life maintains effective drug concentration for 24 hours.


V-Cozine is effective against most of the gram positive and gram-negative bacterial infections in poultry.

  • Infectious coryza
  • Bacillary white diarrhea
  • Bacterial scour
  • Enteritis
  • Respiratory infections
  • Coccidiosis with mixed bacterial infections
  • Secondary bacterial infections associated with viral infections.


Dosage recommendation is at the rate of 30mg / kg body weight. 1-2 gm per litre of drinking water for 5-7 days or as advised by the Veterinarian.



100 gm, 750 gm tins