Prevents and the best

VARISHTA is a multi spectrum mycotoxin toxin binder and Mycotoxin Metabolism Modifier.


Buffered organic acids:

As mold inhibitor to check the growth of fungus and to prevent further formation of toxins. In addition check the growth of other pathogens in the gut.


A powerful and stable binder of Aflatoxin


A broad spectrum toxin binder with higher binding for T2 Toxins

Activated charcoal

One of the best binders of Occhratoxins


A combination of natural and synthetic antioxidant interfering with toxin pathway and aiding overall detoxification process by:

  • Blocking the activation of mycotoxins
  • Improving cellular defence super oxide scavenging effect (glutathione)

Picrorhiza kurroa

Traditionally known as kutki is a well-known herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine and traditionally been used to treat disorders of the liver and upper respiratory tract. Kutkin is the active principal of Picrorhiza kurroa and is comprised of kutkoside and picrosides.

Structure of Kutkins (Kutkosides and Picrosides)

Picrorhiza possesses antioxidant effect similar to that of superoxide dismutase and an anti-lipid peroxidative effect. Picrorhiza has been shown to stimulate liver regeneration possibly via stimulation of nucleic acid and protein synthesis :

  1. Kutkins alter the structure of the outer membrane of the hepatocytes in such a way as to prevent penetration of the liver toxin into the interior of the cell.
  2. Kutkins stimulate the action of nucleolar polymerase A, resulting in ribosomal protein synthesis and, thus stimulates the regenerative ability of the liver and formation of new hepatocytes.

Numerous animal studies have demonstrated that the active constituents of Picrorhiza kurroa significantly prevented the biochemical changes induced by aflatoxin B1. Studies indicate Picrorhiza extracts may be of therapeutic value in treating viral hepatitis.

Hence VARISHTA is at its best in preventing and protecting the birds from multiple mycotoxicosis.


Dosage and recommendations

1 kg per ton of feed



25 Kg bags